KILLING ADAM is back for 2017, but…

with its original main title, PUSSYWHIPPED.



This book is an offered hand to much-maligned manhood
and a shot of pure courage for women
willing to take a stand and end the hostilities.
Camille Moffat . Virginia USA

PUSSYWHIPPED: The Emasculation of Humanity
is a stinging in-depth look at the abuse of aggressive anger and its malignant effects on society. This highly controversial, politically incorrect work defends good men and their rights as fathers… infuriates unenlightened women, especially male-bashers… and champions the rights and needs of our children. As author Maya Emmett reflects on major life-changing events in her personal life with extensive updates, she passionately explores the role of religion, the victims of victims, the true nature of Woman and so much more. Experience varying degrees of emotional highs and lows, as she fearlessly delves into the truth of our struggles to peacefully coexist, culminating with a thought-provoking love poem, which speaks to the soul of every man from the untainted spirit of every woman. New for 2017, from an enlightened man, is a beautiful complementary poem to the “hopeful” romantic in every woman.

Of note, this book was first published in 2000 under the reluctantly revised title, KILLING ADAM, due to widespread censorship on the Internet. After enduring constant publisher blunders and unethical actions, as well as blatant plagiarism, Maya severed ties and pulled it from the market. Through the years, however, she’s been encouraged to get it back on the market and finally made the decision to update and republish this work, but with its original title, PUSSYWHIPPED. She believes the timing is right, considering the heightened awareness of the incendiary state of gender politics in this country, and its far-reaching effects on our society, especially our children.



“Many of my sisters will probably insist I am giving men too much credit. I just refuse to believe all men possess the same mindset. These behaviors are learned. They are not biological. Genetic. And not all men have acquiesced to the role scripted for them by society.

“Just as I refuse to believe the original intent of the women’s movement was based on vicious retaliation, I cannot submit to the notion that all men, everywhere in this society, reduced our humanity to a gender to feed some innate hunger for power and sex on demand. There are good men, good husbands, good fathers, good brothers, good sons. And many are sincere in their efforts to stand and fight with us to regain our title and full rights as queen of the castle. In defiance of the socialization game, there are men who have embraced individualism, while sensitive to the needs of the greater community, the world.

“Now, are we to expect more from them than we expect from ourselves? Are we any better than men who refer to us as bitches, shrews, nags, hags, witches, and the like, while we reduce them to dogs, pricks, punks, dick-heads, and the like?”

From Chapter Two . The “Subservient Pink” vs. the “Powerful Blue”


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