I am a lover of words so let’s get down to basics. How do you define “emasculation”? Is it just about physical castration?

emasculate (v.)
c. 1600, from Latin emasculatus, past participle of emasculare “castrate,” from assimilated form of ex “out, away” (see ex-) + masculus “male, manly” (see masculine). Originally and usually in a figurative sense in English. Related: Emasculated; emasculating.

emasculation (n.)
1620s, noun of action from emasculate.

unman (v.)
1590s, “to deprive of the attributes of a human being,” from un- (2) + verbal derivative of man (n.). Meaning “to deprive of manly courage” is attested from c. 1600; that of “to emasculate” is from 1680s.

castration (n.)
early 15c., castracioun, from Latin castrationem (nominative castratio), noun of action from past participle stem of castrare “to castrate, emasculate,” supposedly from a noun *castrum “knife, instrument that cuts,” from PIE root *kes- “to cut” (see caste). Freud’s castration complex is attested from 1914 in English (translating German Kastrationsangst).  (Source for words above: Online Etymology Dictionary)


Is “emasculation” what we, as humans, truly desire? To unman humanity, as in to deprive it of the attributes of a human being?


Killing Adam (men) will not make Eve (women) more alive.
Emasculating them, will not make us
more female.

from Chapter Seven – To be Whole

The truth is that emasculating men harms us all. It depletes us, siphons strength and life from us as fellow human beings, especially our children. We suffer. Society suffers.

To attempt to feminize men is to declare/affirm that we (women) are weak by definition, contrary to the Divine power we all have. Please understand that we, like it or not, make the choice to surrender that power. It is not by design.


I’m an advocate for “humanity” … “gender humanity.” And believe that if we learn to genuinely and holistically love each other, the natural consequences will be equity and equality, while respecting and accepting our perceived and innate differences. Embracing our sameness. Radical feminists want total equality with no regard for the whole of humanity, i.e., humaneness, just as misogynists have no regard for the same.

The fashion trends being promoted on runways and elsewhere scream “near nakedness” for women, and “make laughingstocks” of men. As I asked in my book, “What are we doing to ourselves?” (And, um, I do love to look at men in kilts and respect that culture, but this trend, especially the pastel lace shorts and shirts? Noooo.)


When I stumbled upon the following YouTube video, I was embarrassed for men. Not because they were naked, but because they were naked and carrying women’s purses/bags. If they had been showcasing backpacks or male bags, I would not have been so saddened.

Runway… Nude Males Carrying Purses

Let’s wake up to the Truth and purge ourselves of misogynist and misandrous poisons. It is time to evolve.



6 thoughts on “Defining “EMASCULATION”

    • The images are effecting me, but I’m not sure why? Women are made into objects like this all of the time and even other women don’t scream. It appears to be an expectation society has, so expected that no one screams. Aren’t women loosing their humanity as well? Is the loss of a women’s humanity less shocking than a man’s? I don’t like any of it and I’m not trying to justify this and say that it is right since it is done to women- no tit for tat, I’m just considering equality. I think the idea of equality is more important than my shock and dismay. I want to feel the same way when I see women being turned in to little girls and not proud, strong women.

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      • Great comment, babacrictor, and thank you! One of my supporters, who’s also reading my book, had the same reaction after watching the video and has yet to determine what it is she finds so disturbing. You also posed the questions, “Aren’t women losing their humanity as well? Is the loss of a woman’s humanity less shocking than a man’s?” What I ask of you is to please note the subtitle of my book: The Emasculation of Humanity. It does not read “The Emasculation of Men”; it’s not all about men, but all of us. We are all suffering, which is the reason I added the definition of both “emasculation” and “humanity.” I am an advocate for humanity… gender humanity, and my book, my perspective, delves into what I consider are the reasons we continually struggle to peacefully coexist, and I include my personal story, as well as those of others affected by this insane, incessant gender war. You would also love how I expound on the True Nature of Women… powerful, strong.

        Again, thank you so very much for not only your wonderful comment, but also being the first to comment on my page. 🙂


  1. I’m always rather horrified by these sorts of trends.
    Yes, I want and appreciate equality with men – but I don’t want to achieve that by removing their essential qualities. I’m a firm believer in accepting each individual as they are.
    If a man chooses to wear stuff like this, that’s his prerogative. But there’s no way I’m going to ask or expect him to.
    To be honest, I wouldn’t wear those things either.

    On a different note, I love the attention you’ve paid to words and meanings and implications here. I love words and how they work – hence my name – and I really enjoyed reading your post. Thank you.

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    • Hi, fellow “wordynerdbird” (Love your moniker!)
      Thank you so much for your comment, and I agree it’s definitely about personal choice, or should be. It is just so disheartening to watch and/or learn about these feminized trends, being flaunted in fashion magazines and on runways, as if to shout they are acceptable fashion choices for heterosexual men. And the shocking parade of nude men with purses… what was the genuine intent? I sense some desire to humiliate men, in general. How often have we seen sitcoms, where husbands and boyfriends are asked to hold their wife/girlfriend’s purse while shopping, and they’re embarrassed, or ridiculed by onlookers?

      However, if a person is androgynous or gay, or even one who’s comfortable in whatever they choose to wear, then these trends may be fine for them; and I believe, based on what I’ve seen through my many years, components of these styles are already embraced. Also, if designing collections for the LGBTQI family, then make that clear. That, too, is fine. Just refrain from presenting these trends, as if they should be accepted as everyday, commonplace fashions for heterosexual men. Our children are watching. There’s enough confusion for them to deal with; in particular, their raging hormones, developing brains, and peer pressures. Oops, let me come down off my soapbox! 🙂

      Thank you for the compliment, and you’re welcome. I do have a passion for words, and it’s great to meet another word nerd.

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